Thursday, April 29, 2010

1. People who have been going out for like two months changing their relationship status to "engaged"
2. Profile pictures with people making out. We dont need OR want to see that.
3. People who think they are hot and take half naked pictures of themselves. Srsly...
4. FARMVILLE!!!!! I dont want to get requests for the rest of my life from so and so asking me to water their crops or milk their cows.
5. When drama goes down, adds from people you dont even know just so they can see both sides of the convo
6. How if you sneeze of facebook...EVERYONE knows
7. How you get 70 notifications if you like someones status or photo
8. How everything is "official" if its on facebook
9. How addicting it can get
10. Seeing everyone wish someone Happy Birthday. After 60 people, it gets kinda old.
11. Boyfriend/girlfriend wall-to-wall drama.
12. Seeing every single status being a quotes from someone or song lyrics. I mean...i doubt that a song is word for word on your mind. Come on
13. People posting apps on your wall. I dont care if you answered a question about me.
14. People posting videos of their favorite songs. All 300 of your friends dont care
15. When people write a description of what they have done ALL DAY: " i woke up this morning had coffee, went to the bathroom, went to school, sat through class, drooled a little, got home, ate, did homework..." WE DONT CARE
16. People edit their photos on facebook. It looks fake.
17. When someone's profile is on private and you really really want to look at their pictures.
18. How i just HAVE to join a group or become a fan of some group because its totally true
19. People joining a group that says "color profiles..this time its for real" ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN
20. people posting something on every picture or group because "this happened to Lisa because she didnt continue the thread" .....helloooooo?!
21. When people like their own status.
22. People who live with a two mile radius of you and think they have to add you....just to never speak to you.
23. having to totally delete someone your not friend with but they can still see your stuff :/
24. How they change facebook all the time
1. joining groups for college that are useful
2. having a website to just waste time on
3. bumper stickers!! hahahah
4. tagging fun pictures of your friends
5. being able to connect with people all over the world
6. reading peoples status during spring break or xmas break. Its nice to see where my friends go.
7. you can promote a cause easily to hundreds of people in a matter of minutes.
8. Facebook has a clean look to it. Its not all messy with people's background of Metallica, Zac Efron or something like that
9. If you feel like asking someone something you dont have to clear your schedule for half an hour, you can just go back later and read the answer
10. when im in college, seeing where my friends are and how different our lives are
11. its perfect to get a subtle message across, put it on your status. That person WILL see it
11. How different people are and how comfortable they get when they are behind a computer screen
12. Being tagged in family pictures
13. seeing people i just met and finding them on facebook
14. that you can become a fan of anything on facebook...even a tato chip!
15. seeing how people change and how those changes can be seen on facebook
16. im sorry, but i have to say bumper stickers again
17. that you can access facebook on a phone. Great for when your in an airport
18. How you will always be able to find new funny videos thanks to your friends
19. seeing peoples photo shoots, art work and poems.
20. How seeing something, colors or quotes people use has inspired some artwork when I cant think of anything
21. How you can get a global perspective. Its true that most of the jokes and stuff on facebook is really really American, but because of the diversity of friend groups it makes facebook a very "international place". I really like that because growing up outside of the US I do have this sense of acceptance or understanding of other peoples culture that I dont usually see in people that have just grown up in the States, or just havent been exposed to a lot of different cultures for that matter. Its easy to get sucked into that kind of mentality where you dont really stop to consider someone elses values because of how different they might be. I like that facebook can ground you a little.

Only because I honestly cant think of anything else. Im going to say...that the most awkward add Ive ever gotten was from an ex that I dumped via text message (yea classy) and I seriously hoped I never ever heard from again. Not so cool....

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